Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Biz Card for Your Classroom

Early in the Spring I designed customized self-inking stamps due to Kinder Craze's blog post that show me how to use VistaPrint to create them.  I love how mine turned out and can't wait to see how hard my new students are going to work to earn one of these special stamps!

While I was creating my stamps, my eyes wondered to the business cards.  Hmmm...How could I use a business card in my classroom?  The answer came quickly.  Along with my preferred contact info I could also include my Scholastic Online Book Order Code, my Remind101 directions and my DonorsChoose web address.  Whoop!  Whoop!  A new way for parents to keep all that info in one spot in an adorable way.  I love my design and spent the extra few dollars to have the cute back on the card as well.  (The black boxes are there to protect too much of me going public.)

Next Question--How to make sure a parent receives and keeps my business card?

The first step will be to include one in my "Welcome" letter that I will mail out to each student asking them to give it to their parents.  I am excited that this will be the first summer that I CAN send them a "Welcome" letter since I already have their addresses from early registration.  I will share the letter after I create it!  Have an idea for a "Welcome" letter--tell me about it in the comments.

The second step is to tape one in each "Take Home Folder" for easy access to my info during the school year.  Since it is a very rare occasion that a folder is lost (might be misplaced for a couple days), this should be a good spot for this info.

Next IDEA...not a question this time...use a business card when I am out and about with local businesses to encourage donations to my DonorsChoose projects.  This required a REDIGN of my original biz card because I want it to just focus on my DonorsChoose link.  I decided to add a quote from my favorite author on the back.

Before designing this new DC Biz Card, I tested out how people would react with my classroom card.  I have handed out 10 cards in the last 24 hours.  Every time I received smiles and positive comments.  Donations have not been made from these folks YET but it is a numbers game.  One of those cards could fund a project!

It will be a few days before the DC Design arrives so I am going to continue to hand out my originals until then.  Why?  Because I posted 3 projects for this summer!!!  If it's meant to be it is up to ME!

I would love to hear your ideas on how to use a biz card to promote your classroom.  Leave me a message in the comments.


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  2. I love your business card idea and I am so happy that you shared my link! Best of luck as you begin your blogging journey!


  3. Thank you, Maria for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am glad you like the idea.