Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cords be GONE!

Whoop! Whoop! My Donors Choose project to make headphone cords disappear in my classroom was fully funded on Monday morning!  This is going to make our listen to read center run so much smoother.  No more cords getting in the way of turning a page, or being tangled up with another student's headphone cord.  Gone are the annoying shorts that always happen in cords.

Everyone HaPpY DaNcE!!!!!

I have two more projects to go for summer funding. First, We Are Authors is a project that will enable our writing supplies to be organized as well as an optional writing desk for up to four students.  This will come in handy as our whole school is focusing on writing this year--Kindergarten through Fifth grade!

We are using Lucy Calkins brand new CCSS Writing Curriculum.  I have attended our district's training and read through about half of the materials. As I progress through this new curriculum, I will let you know my thoughts and how things are working in the classroom.  So far I am loving how the units of study are laid out and are appropriate for the kindergarten classroom.  Click here to find out more about this "spiraled" writing curriculum.

My last project for summer funding is Leveling Up!  This project is for a leveled reader cart that is eye level and easy for students to choose their own "good fit" books.  This will save a lot of my personal
and instructional time.

I have been truly blessed by a discovery this summer for my DC projects--Giving Pages.  If you have not heard about them or used them for your own Donors Choose Projects, you are missing out.  My Cords, Cords, Go Away! project would not have been funded as quickly if it was not for the wonderful  support of the Send A Smile Giving Page.  Giving pages help you promote your project while helping other teachers promote their own projects.  It is a win-win.

My two other projects have recently been added to giving pages.  We Are Authors is on Northern Lights giving page and Leveling Up! is on Kindergarten Rocks giving page.  Each giving page has a purpose and focus that is unique.  I know with the help of these two additional giving pages, I will be doing the HaPpY DaNcE very soon for my two other projects.

Were you aware of giving pages on Donors Choose?  Do you have any funding tips for Donors Choose?  Do you have a writing curriculum?  Let me know...leave a comment below.

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